The value of time: don’t stand people up


Time is the most valuable asset one has. In the realm of GM (General Relativity) in which we all live, time doesn’t come back. It cannot be stopped and cannot be regained.

If you really have to cancel meetings last minute do it graciously and ahead of time.
Real life scenario: You ask someone to donate their time to discuss an opportunity. Sending a note when the meeting is meant to be started is never okay.

Your Reputation Sticks The message you send is: I don’t really care that much (fact is you probably don’t). I value my time probably more than you value yours (and mine). So next time you are going to ask for a meeting I am not going to give a damn.

*Good things spread. Bad things spread faster. * You just created bad karma and likely if someone is going to ask me about how good you are I’ll probably say Not sure but they stood me up a few times.

People who get shit done know this very well. There is no time to waste on unnecessary rescheduling. The message you just sent is: this person likes to waste their time. They are procrastinators and probably are ineffective at work.


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